HumSafer App

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  • May 20, 2019
Project Description

The HumSafer mobile app uses state of the art Artificial Intelligence and technology to help drivers stay safe on the road.

Developed in collaboration with Goodmind, HumSafer’s app has potential to save thousands of lives on the road.

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  • Smart phone Based Solution
  • Real time alerts in user’s local language
  • Gamified Incentives for Good Driving
  • Community Building
  • Emergency Helpline

Real-time assistance

Gentle nudges provided when driving poorly and rewarded for following good driving practices.

Reminders when speeding over 60 kmph.
Voice assistant prompting the driver to take Rest after every 4 hours of
Sleep Detection using AI. (under development)

Emergency Services (under development)

Provides location based assistance on national highways.

Instant support from dedicated call centre.
Local assistance, and and outreach to families
Paramedics and authorities reach in the ‘golden hour.’

Family Tracking and Community Building

Truck drivers typically stay away from their homes for months on end which leads to insecurities in the family

Enable family/trusted contacts to know whereabouts.
Family alerts and support groups in case of accidents.
Incentive programmes centered around family welfare.
Customer support helpline for drivers (under development)